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Cell Phones

  • Battery Life

    3/23/2008 - Author: Felicia

    Batteries in our daily life: There are three types of batteries in your technology-related life. Cell phone, laptop and UPS (uninterruptable power supply).  It is important that you understand some things about the batteries in your daily life so you can get the most use out of them.


  • Breakfast Bytes - Android Phone Vulnerability


    Android phones have a vulnerability that you should know about.

    Your privacy is being breached if you are driving a car.

    Google spy drones

  • Breakfast Bytes - Cell Phone Call Encryption




    A fascinating thing occurred this week. If you were paying attention, you may have seen something about the latest NSA revelations. Realize that the disclosures are old information, so whatever they are doing now is significantly more. Decide for yourself.

    The bulk of the show is about cell phone voice call encryption technologies.
    The links below are for you to...

  • Breakfast Bytes - How To Hack Cell Phones and Smartphones


    6/6/2009 & 6/13/2009

    These two timeless shows are still as relevant in 2014 as ever. Not only is SMS hacking still a major problem, but now your phone can be hacked by answer a call from an unknown number.

    How to hack your cell phone and the security problems involving cellphones.

    What you can do to prevent your phone from being hacked.

    Top 5 stupid things people do with their phones and

  • Breakfast Bytes - Smart Phones and WPA Cracking



    Smart phones and WPA Cracking

  • Breakfast Bytes - Windows Phone Review



    Lumia Windows phone review

    Windows phones get patches right away from Microsoft, so they are more secure.

    Phenomenally good Office 365 integration



    Ability to pin to Start individual mailboxes and folders

    Need to find surveillance cam app

    Way more secure than other options

    Easy to have long passwords

    Real Microsoft

  • Cell Phone Call Encryption

    1/2/2014 - Author: Felicia

    Red Phone is a new app for Android operating systems invented by Open Whisper Systems. The security validation process is rock solid, call quality acceptable, and you can finally encrypt your phone calls for free. You can find it in the Play store. I'm going to describe a few phone call encryption options here and then get into more details on Red Phone.

  • If everyone in your business team were given a smartphone, what strategies would you employ to help them to learn how to effectively communicate with it?

    When technology is used in business, a business has to consider risk, liability, and security in the usage of that technology. Businesses have to consider how the information on the smartphones should be protected from compromise due to Internet-borne viruses, physical theft, text-based hacking, or physical loss by employee. So systems and policies must be put in place to mitigate these risks.


  • The Fallacy Of Fake Smartphones

    6/8/2010 - Author: Felicia

    Businesses need cell phones that have secure email capability, the ability to have encrypted storage, remote wipe for lost devices, and functionality with office documents. Microsoft Exchange has and continues to be the industry standard for email server technologies. Its feature set and security makes hosted email at google look like swiss cheese.