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  • Breakfast Bytes - More On ISP Craziness



    ISP (internet service provider) craziness

  • Breakfast Bytes - Understanding Ongoing Attempts To Regulate Internet



    Understanding ongoing attempts to regulate the internet

  • Email Encoder

    Most people don't realize that the number one way to get spam is to have your email address posted to a website. This is true because of things called web-crawler bots. These are scripts and programs that sift through millions of web pages daily and look for things that look like email addresses.

  • Fix Your Internet Connection

    This document describes how you can resolve your own internet connectivity issues. Anyone who uses a computer can benefit from this knowledge.

  • Microsoft Resources

    Tech Net - is the home for all resources and tools designed to help IT professionals succeed with Microsoft products and technologies.

    Windows XP Events and Errors Database - This search page provides an easy-to-search, online reference for the error and event messages generated by Windows XP Professional. Find detailed explanations, recommended user actions, and links to additional support and resources.

  • Sysinternals Tools

    Formerly, Microsoft hired Mark Russinovich and now owns all of the Sysinternals tools. Thankfully, they are still free. I HIGHLY recommend these tools.

  • Understanding Netflix

    4/23/2008, 1/5/2014 - Author: Felicia

    What is Netflix? Netflix is a company that has found a new way of doing movie rentals. They are incredibly successful in this venture.

  • Why are SOHO Routers Insufficient?

    2/20/2014 - Author: Felicia

    There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about the inadequacy of SOHO routers, and I couldn't agree more. For more than ten years, I have been advocating the use of real, XTM (extensible threat management) security appliances for even home use because anything less is just grossly inadequate.