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  • Automating Defragmentation Of Your Computer's Hard Drive

    6/9/2010 - Author: Felicia

    Computers, regardless of the operating system, utilize disk space using an inherently inefficient method. They utilize space on hard drives in a way in which files are placed in inefficient spaces and are often torn up and stored in parts. Let’s think about this in terms of a set of shelves in your home with books on it.

  • Breakfast Bytes - All About Malvertising



    All About Malvertising
    • Why advertisements must be blocked
    • Why advertisements are prime sources for viruses and malware
    • Layered defense strategies should be employed to block advertisements via multiple methods
    • Specific advertisement cookies can be blocked at the perimeter security appliance level
    • Host-based

  • Breakfast Bytes - All About Windows 10 Upgrade

    2/6/2016 & 2/19/2016
    All About Windows 10 Upgrade

    MP3 - All about Windows 10 Upgrade - Part 1

    MP3 - All about Windows 10 Upgrade - Part 2

  • Breakfast Bytes - Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It?




    Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It?

    The latest privacy and security news you should be concerned about.

    MP3 - Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It?

  • Breakfast Bytes - Auditing Windows Infrastructure


    2/21/2015, 3/7/2015, 3/21/2015

    Auditing Windows Infrastructure - 3 part series

  • Breakfast Bytes - Backups Secure from Ransomware


    Ransomware and Mitigation Strategies
    How to secure your backups from ransomware

    MP3 - Backups Secure from Ransomware

  • Breakfast Bytes - Browser Cleaning Tools



    Browser cleaning tools and the scam that is WorkMarket

    I encourage everyone to use the free standalone tools on under the Browser Tools category to inspect and clean their browser leftovers. Some browser leftovers are cookies,

  • Breakfast Bytes - Disk Cleaner Tools



    CCleaner is OK, maybe if you are an IT person

    Automated registry cleaning warnings

    Specialized disk cleaner tools can be appropriate.

    Manual disk cleanup procedure fully described.

  • Breakfast Bytes - Fragmentation Myths & Windows Security




    Bust Defragmentation Myths, Windows Security, PoisonTap

    Many people have an incorrect understanding of SSDs and the concept of fragmentation. Links to the latest Windows 2016 Server content. Security scripts for server admins. Turning headphones into listening devices.

    MP3 - Busting Fragmentation Myths and Windows 2016 Server Security

  • Breakfast Bytes - ITToolbox and Keeping Updated




    What should be in the IT Manager's Toolbox & Keeping Systems Updated Proactively

    It is absolutely critical that you work with a reseller that is going to put an engineer on your order that genuinely cares about your organization's long-term success. Negligence in any way, due to mistakes or otherwise, end up costing your organization money and time.

    MP3 - IT Toolbox and Keeping Updated

  • Breakfast Bytes - Malvertisements, Windows Update issues, CISA

    Expect increases in malvertisements for 2016

    MP3 - Expect increases in malvertisements for 2016

  • Breakfast Bytes - Malvertising Exploits and FTC Security Tips


    Malvertising exploits get worse

    MP3 - Malvertising Exploits and FTC Security Tips

  • Breakfast Bytes - MouseJack, Locky, Importance of Audits


    MouseJack, Locky, and the Importance of Audits

    MP3 - MouseJack, Locky, and the Importance of Audits

  • Breakfast Bytes - MS SQL Best Practices



    Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices
    • Best practices
    • Backups
    • Maintenance plans
    • Transaction log truncation
    • Disk space management
    • How to prevent issues with SQL

  • Breakfast Bytes - Tech Tips for Christmas

    Christmas tech tips
    MP3 - Christmas tech tips

  • Defragmenting Hard To Defrag Files

    As covered in a previous article on defragmenting your computer, I covered the fact that the built-in defragmentation utility cannot defragment files that are in use or special system files like the pagefile.

  • Leaving Computers On All The Time

    9/26/2008, 1/5/2014 - Author: Felicia

    Turn off, or not?I was recently asked the following question.

    "I say that leaving my computer on overnight does not expose it to hacking, but some disagree with me. (You advised me to leave it on as a way to help minimize other possible problems). Please settle this difference of opinion for us."

  • Patch Management Services

    Patch managment is a service QPC provides to subscribed clients. It is critical for all systems to have patches for installed software installed in a timely fashion. While you can patch your computer manually, you will likely not do it as fast as QPC can do it for you. Installing patches in a timely fashion is a key component of what is required to keep your computer from being compromised.

  • S.M.A.R.T. is smart for hard drives

    1/6/2014 - Author: Felicia

    S.M.A.R.T. is self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology for hard drives. This technology used to be an optional component on hard drives, but it is now included on all newly manufactured hard drives. SMART is primarily useful for predictive notification to let you know when a hard drive thinks it is going to fail soon.

    Three things must be in place for SMART to work to your benefit.

    1. SMART support must be enabled in the BIOS of the computer.
    2. The computer's hard drive must be compatible with SMART interrogation.
    3. You must have a way of interrogating the hard drive for monitoring purposes.

     One way to interrogate the SMART status of the hard drives is to use the smartctl.exe command line tool. Visit the smartmontools site on SourceForge to learn more.

     Highly technical readers may

  • Windows 10 build 1607 - KB3012973



    Windows 10 build 1607 update - KB3012973

    Windows 10 build 1607 is available and why you should install it.