Achieving Compliance for Your School

Achieving regulatory compliance is not unlike an exam that never ends – but the stakes are much higher and there are no multiple-choice options. As new technologies and online resources are integrated into learning programs, concerns around student privacy and security naturally arise.

Educational facilities around the world are required to meet local or national Internet safety regulations or face significant financial consequences. Quality Plus Consulting helps educational institutions achieve compliance every day with:

  • Content filtering tools to tighten security across your network and add productivity safeguards
  • WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) to defend against wireless threats
  • Actionable visibility into student and faculty Internet usage

Major Challenges


Cyber criminals are well aware that network defenses in education are often limited and ransoms are more likely to be paid; after all – schools cannot function without access to their data. Recently a US school district was targeted by ransomware, with the cyber criminals threatening to release the personal information1 of students, teachers and school administrators unless a ransom of $150,000 in bitcoin was paid.


With business-driven BYOD programs seeing A+ results, educational facilities are following suit, and enjoying benefits in a big way. In fact, schools that implement BYOD programs incur major cost savings when students bring their own devices (73% of teens own a smart phone2), enabling schools to spend elsewhere.


Educational facilities around the world are required to meet local or national Internet safety regulations, such as CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) in the US and KCSiE (Keeping Children Safe in Education) in the UK, or face significant consequences.


The use of EdTech in classrooms is increasing every day, enabling both more engaged students and more effective teaching methods. For example, the use of AI (the ability of machines to display “cognitive” functions like learning or problem solving) in K12 and higher could grow 47.5 percent by 20213, according to a recent survey.

Managing the network infrastructure for any organization is hardly an “easy A,” and educational institutions are certainly no exception. But with Quality Plus Consulting providing WatchGuard solutions that address the critical network challenges they face today, educational institutions get – and keep – high marks in security. Contact us today to learn how we can help.