Financial institutions have long employed tried and true – and reliably profitable – business models but are now experiencing competition from start-ups seeking to disrupt the market. Crowdfunding, mobile payments, Bitcoin, robo-advisers – today we’re seeing a wealth of “FinTech” (financial services technology) innovations.

Considering these advancements, many financial institutions are eager to jump on the (mobile-optimized, naturally) bandwagon and delight customers with new banking options. But keeping pace with trends does not come without a cost, including cyber-security ramifications or regulatory standards, and many challenges have fallen upon the IT department to resolve.

Major Challenges in Finance

Quality Plus Consulting and WatchGuard

The financial industry has experienced significant new challenges in the last few years – many stemming from the impacts of evolving into an increasingly digitalized market. But thankfully, WatchGuard solutions are uniquely architected to be the industry’s smartest, fastest and most effective network security products.
With WatchGuard, financial organizations can safely harness the power of emerging industry technologies by leveraging robust, secure solutions you can take to the bank.

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