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  • Better Network Security Design Needed - Target Breach

    Last updated 3/31/2014 - Author: Felicia

    Many valuable network security design improvements can be learned by understanding the Target Breach. In reality, those of us in the know already knew that these network security design elements need to be in place everywhere. But apparently the network engineers at Target need to kaizen their strategy. This article highlights some key elements of network security that should be in place on your network and what you might learn from the Target breach.

  • Breakfast Bytes - Criminal Fraud in IT




    Criminal Fraud in IT

    Learn from the mistakes of others in order to prevent being the victim of crimal fraud in IT.

    MP3 - Criminal Fraud in IT

  • Breakfast Bytes - Deprecated Software and Network Security

    4/6/2018, 4/21/2018



    Deprecated Software and Network Security Strategy

    Deprecated software that needs to be uninstalled - revealed by proper network security strategy and reporting

    Two examples of network security and they they protect against and draw attention to security events that need to be further actioned by humans

    Office 365 Personal - big advancements

    Is using YouTube for your business videos a good idea?

    MP3 - Deprecated Software found by Network Security

    MP3 - VOIP security, deprecated software, Amazon spy devices

  • Breakfast Bytes - Guest WiFi Problems and Solutions



    Guest Wi-Fi: Problems and Solutions
    • About Dark Hotel - It's a good example of a typical attack

  • Breakfast Bytes - More On ISP Craziness



    ISP (internet service provider) craziness

  • Breakfast Bytes - NetSec and CNNIC



    Network segmentation and VLANs by themselves do not provide security

  • Breakfast Bytes - SOHO Router Insecurity



    Lax security opens door to mass-scale abuse for routers and what you can do about it

  • Breakfast Bytes - TWC Free WiFi Analysis



    Is the free wi-fi add-on currently being offered by TWC a good idea or not?
    • WDS
    • Lack of cooperative and centrally controllable wireless devices
    • It's probably more trouble than it is worth
    • Wireless signal collision problems
    Google Maps record everywhere you

  • Networking





    Being a threat detection company, Watchguard specializes in the unmet need for security solutions for small businesses to enterprises. Their hardware products include scalability with hardware advances with processors from the likes of Intel and Freesscale, enabling industry leading third-party scanning engines and Watchguard's very own Fireware operating system. These tactics let Watchguard provide security at every price point to meet the maximum flexibility in the threat landscape.


  • PCI DSS 3.0 and Network Security

    1/4/2014 Author: Felicia

    Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards have recently changed. The new version of PCI DSS 3.0 was published in November 2013. You may want to visit the PCI Standards Security Council website. You can find the PCI 3.0 DSS full document here. And you can find the version 2.0 to 3.0 changes here.

  • Service Contracts and Warranties on Network Equipment


    Understanding why maintaining service contracts on network equipment is mandatory

  • Switching Paradigms

    Switches are often the unsung heroes of our business networks. They are acquired, setup, and hum away in the closet connecting vital components in our network. If they are running, and running well, we do not tend to pay much attention to them. It is one of those “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” types of mentalities. Especially in flat networks, that is networks without network segmentation, even less attention is paid to what equipment is being used, what it takes to replace it, and what sort of trouble an outage can cause.

  • Use TraceRT for WAN Performance Optimization

    4/12/2016 - Use TraceRT to select best WAN DNS for WAN performance optimization.

    Purpose of this article

    This article will help network administrators determine the best DNS server settings to use for WAN lookup settings inside of a perimeter security appliance. The DNS server settings discussed here are NOT the DNS server settings that would be delivered to end users via DHCP.

  • Why are SOHO Routers Insufficient?

    2/20/2014 - Author: Felicia

    There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about the inadequacy of SOHO routers, and I couldn't agree more. For more than ten years, I have been advocating the use of real, XTM (extensible threat management) security appliances for even home use because anything less is just grossly inadequate.

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