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Breakfast Bytes - Guest WiFi Problems and Solutions



Guest Wi-Fi: Problems and Solutions
  • About Dark Hotel - It's a good example of a typical attack
  • Don't browse the internet as an admin
  • Don't cache passwords in browsers; use tools like LastPass or PasswordSafe
  • Train users, especially executives, to NEVER install software, even things that look like legit updates
  • Use systems management software to deploy updates
  • Use UEFI, SecureBoot, and TPM to prevent nasty things from booting or loading
  • Get executives data plans on cellular and then make then VPN with a force traffic tunnel
  • Use Direct Connect with Windows 8.1 Enterprise so you have VPN on all the time with a force tunnel
  • At the tunnel piece, use APT
  • Use Trend's Complete User Protection Suite
  • This takes the entire chain of threat protection with the endpoint.
  • And even more secure approach is to use the endpoint as nothing other than a remote control device for a system in the VDI using RDS.The malware has less ability to interact with that.

71% of global hotels, restaurants and other hospitality organizations jeopardize customers with inadequate security controls

  • 71% of guest networks do not provide unique temporary wireless passwords for guest wi-fi networks, which compromises security.
  • "The ability to offer unique user passwords that expire at pre-set times lets them know who has access to their network and for how long. That control creates deeper levels of guest wireless security and performance, especially since they can control bandwidth-heavy applications and users."

The WatchGuard survey also found that 51 percent of global hospitality organizations do not monitor guest networks for suspect applications, malware or malicious activities; 62 percent do not monitor guest activity to limit bandwidth-intensive applications; and 48 percent do not use policy mapping or data visualization tools to monitor performance.³ This lapse of guest Internet and Wi-Fi network visibility and controls can have a significant impact on overall guest network performance and user experience on top of growing security risks.

"WatchGuard's extended protection for guest wireless networks provides a great solution to that liability risk."