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Special note for Ubuntu users

Breakfast Bytes podcasts are streaming MP3. In order for Firefox on Ubuntu to play the streaming MP3, install the GStreamer extra plugins that list MP3 as one of the supported formats. GStreamer can be obtained through the Ubuntu Software Center.

Breakfast Bytes - MouseJack, Locky, Importance of Audits


MouseJack, Locky, and the Importance of Audits

MP3 - MouseJack, Locky, and the Importance of Audits



Windows 10 makes it easier to stay up-to-date with patches.

Many providers only do critical security updates automatically.

Windows 10 is now including important, but optional updates.


Whitepaper from Gihub

Locky Crypto Ransomware is in the wild

In tests, WatchGuard Fireboxes with gateway antivirus and APT blocker consistently detected and blocked the Locky Ransomware.
Of course, a host-based security software product should also be used on endpoints, and the product should also have ransomware protection.

What is your full-time IT manager missing and how much will it cost you?

If you have not had an independent audit from a certified security architect in the last two years, you should get one.