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Breakfast Bytes - How Hardware/Software Resellers Can Rip You Off




How Hardware/Software Resellers Can Rip You Off - And How You Can Prevent It


It is absolutely critical that you work with a reseller that is going to put an engineer on your order that genuinely cares about your organization's long-term success. Negligence in any way, due to mistakes or otherwise, end up costing your organization money and time.

MP3 - Reseller RipOff




Software Licensing

Just about anyone can get you non-profit licensing. There is nothing special about it. Educational licensing is different as you often have to go through training and pass tests to get that. It is crucial to work with a vendor that is going to assess if the software is actually the right quantities and right for your needs. Should you get perpetual licenses or an agreement that requires an annual payment? A supposedly prominent Racine hardware and software reseller was paid $12,000 and never actually ordered the software for the client. The client only found out about it 2 years later when I exposed the problem.


Education Licensing

If the license agreement is not done correctly, the school will not be able to get Office 365 licensing as part of the educational donation program. Literally, you have to have a particular type of agreement and add a zero dollar SKU to that. So if software is not purchased properly, you could be prevented from adding that zero dollar SKU later. Sales people often have the wrong incentives, and they are the wrong people to be helping you with your software order. An engineer should be helping you with the hardware/software order.

Sales reps don't understand what it is to be an IT manager. They usually have no training in what that means to how software should be ordered and registered.


Only ever buy hardware and software from an engineer who cares about your environment

Sales reps often have only a superficial understanding about product lines. They lack practical experience with the products. They do not actually do the implementations themselves. They have not gone through any technical certifications. They do not go through the ongoing sales training. They do not do a large number of implementations, so they have no idea if the product is right for the purpose or not.

As a result, I often find that sales reps are advocating renewals on products that are end-of-life, and they do not even know about the upgrade programs or how customers can take advantage of them.

The bottom line is that you should only ever be buying hardware and software from someone who is an engineer that has experience and current knowledge in the product line.