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Breakfast Bytes - Fragmentation Myths & Windows Security




Bust Defragmentation Myths, Windows Security, PoisonTap

Many people have an incorrect understanding of SSDs and the concept of fragmentation. Links to the latest Windows 2016 Server content. Security scripts for server admins. Turning headphones into listening devices.

MP3 - Busting Fragmentation Myths and Windows 2016 Server Security



Busting SSD Fragmentation Myths

Busting the myths of fragmentation not being needed for SSDs

Windows Server 2016 resources

Windows Sever Channel
Nice videos helping you understand new features in Windows Server 2016

Understand the new security features in Windows Server 2016


KRBTGT Account Password Reset script greatly simplifies security

Everyone who manages Active Directory needs to do this now and then setup a task to do it every six months or quarterly

Israeli researchers turn headphones into listening devices

Youtube video included
This is why if you are going to have a serious conversation, you should really be in a closed room with no windows and no electronics. The reason why windows should be avoided is because it is easy to put a laser microphone on a window from whatever line-of-sight distance is for remote listening.