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Breakfast Bytes - Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It?




Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It?

The latest privacy and security news you should be concerned about.

MP3 - Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It?



2017-1 Privacy and Security News

Are credit monitoring services worth it? How to opt-out of credit and insurance offers. An excellent file management tool. Third party doctrine. Netgear routers extrememly vulnerable.

Are credit monitoring services worth it?
Brian Krebs shares his experience in this article. I thought he did an excellent job with the article, though I have had a different experience, and therefore have some differing opinions.
Krebs provides the link to Innovis, a fourth credit bureau that most consumers don't know about.

The free credit monitoring services offered to victims of a data breach are generally useless services. We both agree on that.
What is more useful is if you subscribe to a credit bureau as a customer directly for THEIR full product which will actually put a freeze on your credit report. If there is a freeze on your credit report, then credit reports cannot be pulled without your authorization.

I suggest you also ensure that you are not receiving preapproval offers via mail.

Website where you can opt out of credit or insurance offers

A big issue with "monitoring" services is that they are typically not preventative. Many people think that those services are extremely ineffective as a result. What is needed is a preventative approach. I read about an approach to file a lifetime security freeze at all the credit reporting agencies which is supposed to be a permanent solution and something that should be done for children or any individuals that are not actively engaged in managing their identity assets.


Excellent file management tool

Extremely useful for home users, single computer users, or file server administrators

Tree Size Professional from Jam Software.


Law Enforcement Has Been Using OnStar, SiriusXM, To Eavesdrop, Track Car Locations For More Than 15 Years

Third party doctrine


Netgear routers found to be extremely vulnerable to a privilege escalation exploit

This would turn your router into a botnet or a device to steal your data and identity.
This is why QPC never uses anything but hardened professional security equipment as routers.