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Breakfast Bytes - Poor Network Config Leads to Breaches




Poor Network Configuration Leads to Breaches

Examples of poort network configuration that led to breaches.

MP3 - Poor Network Configuration Leads to Breaches



Printer hacking, free cloud services have no ransomware protection, IoT devices get hacked, thousands of printers open to the Internet

An entire school was nearly ransomwared. Printer hacking and how to prevent it. Reminder on a current phone scam. How IoT devices have to be segmented, and another example why DNS needs to be proxied.

A single USB flash drive nearly ransomwared an entire school

People need to realize that free services have no security with regards to this type of stuff.
You cannot expect Google Apps for School, DropBox, or any other free service to have any security protection scanning capability to protect you from malware and ransomware.

And realize that Google, DropBox is NOT backing up your stuff. So if it gets ransomwared or infected, you have no backup. Cloud services do not explicitly include backup services unless you are paying extra for that.


Printer hacking

• Don't port forward to printers from the Internet
• Setup printers on separate VLANs/subnets with

All about hacking printers:
The PRET printer hacking tool. Useful for penetration testing your own printers.


HUGE exposing of point of sale (POS) printers that are completely open to the Internet

Look at how many of the pictures are from Point of Sale credit card printers!
So why are POS vendors setting up POS printers to be open to the internet on port 9100? Incompetence?

Reminder on a current phone scam

There is a scam where your voice is recorded as saying yes and then they scammer uses that to subscribe you to services.
So don't answer the phone when you do not know who the caller is.
Any legitimate human is going to leave you a message.

University was attacked by their own IoT devices due to lack of good network design and lack of DNS proxy