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Breakfast Bytes - IT Hardware Lifecycle




IT Hardware Lifecycle

What is the expected lifecycle of various IT hardware?

How should we think about the process of planning for and replacing IT hardware?

Does leasing IT hardware make financial sense?

New capabilities in Office 365 OME (Office Message Encryption)

MP3 - IT Hardware Lifecycle






  • Failings in most currently available email encryption tools
  • How Office Message Encryption solves all those problems
  • How to think about IT hardware lifecycle
  • Budgeting considerations for IT hardware replacement
  • Why spare hardware is not a viable substitute for active support/service contracts on IT hardware

Office Message Encryption

New support for Yahoo and Gmail in receipient decryption for OME.


Understanding the IT hardware lifecycle

Read an exchange between a reader and QPC on this topic.

IT hardware service contracts

Spare hardware is not a viable substitute for having active support/service contracts on your IT hardware.

Read our article on the topic.