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Breakfast Bytes - Totalitarian Surveillance


Totalitarian Surveillance

Educate yourself about the dangers of 5G radiation to human health

MP3 - Totalitarian Surveillance



Totalitarian Surveillance and how it destroys humanity

The fear, of course, it that the government may use this social credit scoring system to punish people that it deems not sufficiently loyal to the communist party, Tracy reported. And trying to clear your name or fight your score is nearly impossible, because there’s no due process.

And now Facebook has brought this to the U.S. because Facebook is now controlled by China.

This system has been used to prevent people from travelling and they cannot get a job.
They are immediately ticketed and called out in public by loudspeakers for jay walking.
11 million people last year were prevented from travelling by air by China because of a person having too low of a social score


The dangers of administrative subpoenas

Administrative subpoenas, are being used on a regular basis by agencies such as the DEA to gain warrant-less and judge-less access to medical and other personal records.

In a recent case in Texas (U.S. vs. Zadeh), a federal judge ruled that the DEA could "issue warrant-less subpoenas to search the medical records of 35 patients of Drs. Joseph and Abbas Zadeh in Dallas."

There will soon be another ruling on the case by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Fort Worth. The outcome is likely to be "precedent-setting", and observers on both sides of the fight will be watching closely.

Administrative subpoenas are issued unilaterally by government agencies -- meaning without approval by neutral judges -- and without probable cause stated under oath and affirmation as required by the Fourth Amendment. There are now 336 federal statutes authorizing administrative subpoenas, according to the Department of Justice.


Doctors are leaving the profession over EHR requirements