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Breakfast Bytes - How Not To Implement Technology



Felicia and Eric describe many things that should be learned from an example of an incredibly unprofessional surveillance contractor that installed a $30,000 surveillance system in a building.

The contractor never talked to the building facilities manager or the IT manager. The executive in charge of the organization never got the input from their facilities manager or IT manager PRIOR to the purchase of the system. The surveillance contractor plugged their completely unpatched and insecure equipment into the company network without permission.

These and many more problems are described. Bottom line is that the company spent a bunch of money on inferior equipment and many things went wrong because the proper internal staff were not consulted PRIOR to purchase. The ramifications are described in this show.

This is another fine example of why NO technology should ever be purchased without the signature of the IT manager/IT director on the purchase request. Basically, no purchase order number should be allowed to be issued for technology purchases without the IT manager's signature. That solves an abundance of problems.