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Breakfast Bytes - Visually impaired accessibility tools for the computer


Breakfast Bytes 4/21/2007

Visually impaired accessibility tools for the computer


Interview Petro Giannakopoulos to learn about how people who use accessibility tools

use their computers and what software they use. What are his picks for what software

to use for which functions.

Opinion's expressed on the show and this document are Petro's and his experiences

only with Jaws 8 screen reader.

Show Notes

Job Access With Speech


Freedom Scientific


Jaws is a screen reader. $795 first

time purchase with $120/yr for updates

and maintenance.

Magic is also an app from Freedom

Scientific that is useful for people

with low vision.


Yahoo Email

Replay AV 8

Internet Radio Recorder

Applian Technologies

Replay AV full Suite ~$100

Record multiple streams of audio

simultaneously and silent in the

background, and on a scheduled timer

like VCR functionality

Replay software is very accessible.


Internet Telephony

Skype 3.0+

Especially handy for affordable

international calling

Media Player

Windows Media Player 11


Software reviews by blind PC users

Access Watch

Portal of what software is accessible

and what is not. Other useful

information also.

Juice Receiver 2.2

Podcatcher for podcasts


Blind Access World

Blind Cool Tech

Very handy website that talks about all

kinds of technology blind computer

users use and what works well.

Security Used

Norton AV 2006

Note: Norton AV 2007 appears to be

inaccessible according to Freedom

Scientific tech support.

Hardware Firewall:

Linksys WRT54G Router

Web interface of firewall is very



Windows Defender from Microsoft

Free and good

Windows Critical Updates

Microsoft Updates




Access your TV anywhere.

Slingbox gets connected to CATV or satellite signal

input and then is connected to your network

switch. Software on your remote laptop is able to

pull live feed video and audio from the box. You

are able to change the channel remotely as well

with the software. Requires high-speed

connection on the destination side.

Nero 6

Make CDs and DVDs.

Note: Nero 7 seems to be less

accessible according to PC-Audio

mailing list for the blind.

Nero 7 is probably less accessible due

to the heavy use of flash.


American Printing House for the Blind.

The best portable MP3 player for the


I use this device everyday to listen to

the recordings I make with Replay AV 8

and the podcasts Juice Receiver

downloads for me.

BookPort verbally tells you the folder

structure and names of files as you

navigate through the menus.

MP3 info file on the BookPort (by



Operating System

Windows XP Home SP2

Radio Stations Database

Created and owned by Bill Sparks who is

also blind.


Get the complete details for you

computer whether its the hardware or

software on it. Get your product keys


All In Play

Poker for the visually impaired/blind.

Sighted users can play also.

You play with chips and not with your

real money here. No spyware here. Very


Descriptive video service

DVS is the visually-impaired accessibility

companion where close captioning is the hearingimpaired

accessibility function.

DVS is expensive to do, so most TV programs do

not have it. Some movies do. Turner Classic

Movies seems to have a lot of movies that are


DVS can be picked up on the secondary audio

program channel. You must enable it on your



National Federation of the Blind mailing list

ABC Radio interactive

Accessible World

Blind Access Journal

Blind Programming

Blind Computing Resources

Blind Geek Zone

Another pertinent mailing list


The Desert Skies

An excellent resource

Index for ACB Radio Main Menu Live Show

Jeff Bishop and Darrell Chandro


Main Menu on demand from ACB Radio