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WatchGuard - What's new in Fireware 11.8

1/9/2014 Author: Felicia

I've been using fireware 11.8 since the October 2013 release. Initial bugs were fixed through several CSP (customer service packs), and 11.8.1 just came out today. I was recently asked what's new in 11.8, so I thought I would share my perception of the positive benefits of fireware 11.8 over older versions of fireware.

I have already upgraded to 11.8.1 and haven't found any hard problems after about a day of use. WatchGuard remains the security appliance world leader in terms of features and value. One of the big factors I appreciate is their rapid deployment of patches. WatchGuard also regularly adds features to the fireboxes via new fireware versions. Last I checked, Cisco only released security updates for their firmware twice a year.

What's new in Fireware 11.8 that I'm actually using?

  • Youtube for schools
  • Firewatch in the webUI now has a Dimension look and feel to it. So a small version of Dimension is right on the appliance and is called Firewatch.
  • wireless access point management enhancements abound (and another one with 11.8.1)
  • SSO enhancements (Android, iOS, Mac OSX support)
  • BOVPN enhancements (now supports dynamic routing, policy-based routing, or static routing)
  • WebUI is now mobile ready meaning it's convenient to view it from your mobile device
  • enhanced IPv6 support
  • enhanced DLP logging, performance statistics, and security statistics logging
  • DLP (data loss prevention) functionality
  • WAP management VLAN tagging
  • SSO port tester feature
  • global SNAT setting allows for clearing active connections when the affected SNAT policy is modified