How To Make Screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words. Often times, your tech support will see things that you don't. Thus, if you can send them a screen shot of the item of interest that you are seeing on your computer screen, they are MUCH better able to help you with the issue.

It is MUCH better for you to paste your screenshots into your email client, if it has that functionality. Ideally, you are using Microsoft Outlook. It has this functionality. Outlook Express is not a real email client and cannot accept Paste function from screenshots.

When you paste a screenshot into Microsoft Word, the details often get crunched so much in order to fit into the borders of the document that the screenshot is useless to tech support.


Active window screenshot

1. Select the window you wish to take a screenshot of.

2. Press the Alt button with the PrintScreen button on your keyboard.

3. Open your email program or Microsoft Word.

4. Compose a new email to your tech support. Be sure to include an appropriate subject and body text. Be sure to describe in detail what your question is and what the situation is with your computer.

5. Paste the screenshot into the body of the email message.

6. In the case of using Word, paste the screenshot into the document and attach it to the email.

Full desktop screenshot

Follow the steps in the active window screenshot procedure EXCEPT, don't hold down the ALT button while pressing PrintScreen button on the keyboard. This way, a screenshot of the FULL desktop will be captured. All other portions of the procedure remain the same.