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How to use Microsoft Update

This article teaches you how to install and use Microsoft Update. It is important for you to stay current with updates to your computer for security reasons. DO NOT continue to use an operating system for which the manufacturer no longer releases security patches.


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Install Microsoft Update

1. Use Internet Explorer and go to the website:

2. Follow the instructions to install Microsoft Update.

Critical updates

Once Microsoft Update is installed, you will begin to receive critical updates for all your Microsoft software through the normal Automatic Updates process.

Optional updates

Though you receive critical updates via the Automatic Updates process, you should still review the SOFTWARE optional updates monthly. These items are still needed to keep your PC in top-top shape.

NEVER install the hardware optional updates. These often break functional drivers on your computer. People ask me why these are even available. I have no good answer for that, but I can tell you that if you install them, you will probably have problems with your computer. SO don't install them.

Optional updates to avoid

• Remote Desktop Connection update

• Silverlight

Procedure to install optional updates

1. Click the Start button, then you should see Microsoft Update available in your list or at the top of the Programs list. Either way, get to the Microsoft Update website. You may need to follow the link earlier in this article.

2. Select the Custom button. (I do not recommend Express because you will not see the details of what is to be installed on your computer and hardware updates may be installed.

3. Install SOFTWARE optional updates one at a time.

4. Reboot your computer after each update has been installed.

Using this approach is best to avoid conflicts with software installs. BE SURE to close all other applications while doing the updates.

NEVER install the HARDWARE optional updates.

Installing updates on shutdown

You may run into an option that allows the computer to install updates and then shut down. I STRONGLY recommend that you do NOT use this procedure to install updates. There is a higher probability that something during the patch installation will go wrong. Thus DO NOT do update installs using this method.