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Windows 10 build 1607 - KB3012973



Windows 10 build 1607 update - KB3012973

Windows 10 build 1607 is available and why you should install it.

Windows 10 build 1607 KB 3012973 is available and it fixes several issues with Windows 10 computers that are meaningful improvements to user experience as well as security.

I have installed build 1607 on many computers in the following ways with success.

  • Manually initiated
  • Distribution through Kaseya
  • Allowing Windows Update configuration to autodownload and install

I have found that build 1607 resolves some long outstanding issues with Windows 10, so I do recommend that you install this update.

  • All the OneDrive desktop clients and the Windows Store OneDrive app all now work in a MFA environment.
  • The following desktop clients all work again.
    • OneDrive - Personal (white cloud in system tray)
    • OneDrive - for work or school - used for your OneDrive content associated with your Office 365 work or school account (blue cloud with white perimeter in system tray)
    • OneDrive for Business - used to sync SharePoint document libraries (blue cloud with faint/thinner white perimeter in system tray)
  • Windows Defender now coexists with host-based security products properly.

If you use Office 365 and your IT support is telling you that they are going to hold off on installing this update, I see no reason to hold off on this update. Not only does it fix user-impacting issues, but it also addresses security issues.


How to check if your computer has build 1607

In order to verify that your computer has build 1607, click on the Start button, then go to the gear icon which is Settings.
Go into System, and then click on the menu option for Info or About. The build version will be displayed. This is what it looks like when build 1607 is installed.


Windows 10 Build1607