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Office 365 End User Resources


Office 365 end user resources

A variety of resources and links for people using Office 365

Using Office 365 with iOS devices like iPhones

Only the official Office 365 apps will support multifactor authentication and work as expected. If you try to use other apps to access and utilize services on Office 365, you will likely encounter problems.

iPhones do not always pull email correctly from the newer hosted Exchange like Office 365.
Therefore, your best bet is to use the Outlook app.

The beginning section of this document talks in great deal about how to add your email to the Outlook app for iPhone.

It’s literally as simple as install the app, go through the wizard in the app to add your email address and new email password.

The Office 365 that you have is called a “Work or School Account” in case you see that option.


Using Office 365 with Android devices

Set up Office apps and email on Android

It is important to use the official Office 365 apps to access the resources in Office 365. Only these apps properly support multifactor authentication.

Set up email in Outlook for Android


The official Office 365 apps for Windows phone, Android, and iOS mobile devices are very reliable and are fully multifactor authentication capable. If you are an Office 365 user and wish to get the most out of the service, then install all the Office 365 mobile apps.

  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • OneDrive

OneNote and OneDrive along with the other apps are extremely useful for mobile devices. They can enable you to have a set of files that are always available to you on the mobile device that are always in sync with the OneDrive data on your main computer.

OneNote is extremely useful in that it enables you to have a full set of notes that are always in sync between your mobile device and your main computer. Having these mobile apps on your device means you can be productive while away from the office.