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Technology Procurement

Where you buy your equipment and software depends upon your comfort level with Internet purchasing and the amount of anonymity you desire. QPC is a Dell Solution Provider and passes to clients the discount on items purchased from Dell through our volume purchasing account. QPC works closely with clients to ensure that the right solution is procured to meet the client need. Engineering is done at the procurement phase. This is one of the reasons why no technology-related purchases should be made without the approval of the IT department.

You should be very cautious of taking advice from anyone who works at a retail store. Their job is to sell you something in the store, not to point you to a product that store does not offer. By asking for advice from a retail establishment, realize that you are asking them to provide you an answer that it is limited by their store service offerings.

When deciding what to buy, you need to have a full plan in place for what you will be doing with the equipment. If this is anything technical at all, you probably should at least exchange some emails about the issue with your IT support. Remember that they are the ones who will have to support it and install it for you. Additionally, your IT support are the people that can tell you if what it is you want to buy will even be compatible with your other systems.

There is an excellent Breakfast Bytes podcast that uses an IT procurement nightmare story as an educational tool to help people understand how to do IT procurement correctly and what pitfalls to avoid. It is called How Not to Implement Technology.