Website Hosting Solutions


Over the years, we have used a lot of different website hosting solution providers. We don't like using the same hosting provider for email, DNS, domain, and website hosting. Listen to this special two-part Breakfast Bytes podcast for more information as to why. QPC currently suggests two different website hosting providers depending upon your needs.

Infosaic is a U.S. company that offers good support, reliable systems, and very inexpensive hosting options. If you are looking for a good starter hosting company, their basic website hosting package is $60/yr on a shared IP address.

They have been able to fulfill every software support requirement of all our clients. Their support has been great and they have successfully recovered websites from backup when they blew up. So we recommend Infosaic for your basic website hosting needs. They are immensely better than hosting with GoDaddy or some other similar company.

GoDaddy has been the cause for major services outages for several clients over the years. We recommend against using GoDaddy.

For more advanced hosting needs, consider Intermedia. Their services offering is very flexible including static IP, split MX hosting for a POP3/Exchange email split hosting (which no one else seems to be able to offer). Frequently, a company will have email on the same domain name as their website hosting. This is like having webiste and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address. They are on the same domain.There is no technical requirement that email and website hosting be with the same company. In fact, there are many reasons to NOT do it that way

You also must ensure that your website developer has NO access to modify settings for your email hosting. In 20 years of consulting, we have never seen a website developer who correctly understood complex Exchange-based email hosting. However, we have seen inumerable cases where the web developer messed with email settings or DNS settings (when they were given the usernames and passwords to do so), and many problems occurred including outages. This is one of the reasons we recommend that clients do not give email, domain, and DNS hosting usernames and passwords to web developers.

The web developer should have a technical account (not a billing or full access level account) to the website hosting account. Few website hosting companies have sophisticated granual account security capabilities. Intermedia has very granular account security provisions. Due to this reason and many others, Intermedia is the website and email hosting provider we regularly recommend to clients. QPC is also an Intermedia reseller.