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Hosted Email Solutions

There are a multitude of reasons why you may not want to use your ISP-provided email account. Certainly, if you are in business, you need to have an email address that matches your domain. You don't want to lose your email address and have to incur the expense of changing all your marketing materials when your email address changes.

For most businesses, even one-person businesses, it makes the most sense to go with an outsourced Exchange-based email solution. Many businesses of 40 people use a hosted solution because it is more cost effective than having their own Exchange server. A business may initially think that ~$180 per user per year is a expensive.

However, it's a fixed cost. It represents your email TCO (total cost of ownership). However, if you host Exchange on your own server, you must pay labor fees to maintain, service, antivirus/antispam, and patch it. Thus, you have no way of controlling TCO. Oh yeah, and good luck trying to keep yourself off the blacklists.

If you are a business that has a full-time IT manager, and you have more than 150 employees, it may make sense to host Exchange internally. But keep in mind that we mean a FULL-TIME IT manager, not someone who you call IT manager, yet a chunk of their duties involve something other than management of the computer systems. Managing Exchange takes significant talent, training, and time. Most small businesses cannot afford to hire a technical person who has adequate training to properly manage Exchange so that it is a stable and successful tool for the business. Even most mid-sized businesses cannot afford to have a full-time Exchange administrator on staff.

Please see the whitepaper on Exchange-based email for more details. 
Only rarely is a POP3-based email solution appropriate. Please contact us for more information.

If you do decide to get POP3 or Exchange-based email, we recommend Mail2Web/MyHosting as the vendor of choice for these services. Click link below. should be used for domain and DNS hosting. NEVER host your DNS, domain, email, and website with the same vendor. Listen to the 3/24/2007 Breakfast Bytes radio show archive for extensive details.