Secure Endpoint Strategy for 2021

Why do I care?

Anyone who has a computer wishes for it to be reliable and trustworthy. We require computing systems provide CIA to the data stored on and accessed by the computing platform.

If malicious actors have compromised the CIA of the system in any way, they can destroy your life, your business, and cost you immense amount of time and money.

QPC Secure Endpoint 2021

In order to have endpoint protection, an entire strategy is required that involves daily labor from humans that know you, your business, and genuinely care about your success.

What is an endpoint? An endpoint is a Windows computer. It could be a server, laptop, desktop PC, or virtual machine. Each device must be protected. EPP is not required for desk phones, smart TVs, NAS, surveillance cameras, thermostats, or other network attached devices because those devices are secured using a network layer security appliance. Sometimes a device-level firewall is used also, as in the case of a NAS.

This article from ISACA explains what zero trust posture is at a very high level.

Security by Design: Are We at a Tipping Point? (

The previously used EPP product does not have key elements that are required for modern effective risk management in today’s high threat landscape. It no longer meets the current security criteria for an effective endpoint protection strategy.

Today’s reality

In order to effectively mitigate risk in today’s threat landscape, a zero-trust architecture approach backed by depth and bidirectionality of the cybersecurity kill chain is required. Bidirectionality is ingress/inbound and egress/outbound traffic.

The necessary components of any viable strategy are:


Necessary components of endpoint protection

QPC uses Panda Adaptive Defense 360 with Advanced Reporting Tool and Patch Management in combination with other tools, appliances, and QPC-designed strategies to create a correlated bi‑directional cybersecurity kill chain to reduce organizational risk. AD360 is a single agent that has many modules which replace several other products. Panda has been a security market leader since 1998, and it recently became a WatchGuard company. QPC has been a WatchGuard Gold partner for more than 10 years.


EPP features

EDR features


MDR features


Facilitate cybersecurity compliance

Patch management