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Over the years, we have supported 500 printers, and at least 200 different types. When you have an experience like this, you understand the differences in reliability and support-ability between printers. There are two good manufacturers of printers today. HP and Sharp. When you buy a printer or a multi-function unit, you need one that is going to be long-term reliable and easy to support. It should be easy to install and the manufacturer should keep the drivers updated as your operating system updates.

HP is the one manufacturer that does all of that well. HP makes the most reliable and easy to support printers. As you know, we have no affiliation with HP. When we go to a client's place of work, we love to see HP printers. Whenever we see other brands, we know there will be support-ability issues.

We recommend Sharp brand copy machines. We have found that Office Copy Equipment has consistently offered good service and pricing to our clients.

When looking up printers or any other computer hardware, you want to reference it by its actual model number. So look on HP's website for the actual model number and use that when searching for it on the Internet. offers very good prices on many units. Increasingly, you can find good deals on Amazon as well.

We recommend that any printer you get should have duplexing features and be networked. Networked printers have a lower TCO than USB printers.

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