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Networking Equipment: Firewall/Routers, Switches, and Wireless Networking

You may hear technical people talk about how good Cisco equipment is. But do they ever talk about the price or the fact that you have to pay for a very expensive annual support contract with Cisco to get drivers or firmware updates? No, most people do not look at the total cost of ownership of a unit, software or hardware. Cisco may be a great option for a company with thousands of employees who has their own IT staff to configure the very complex equipment and pay the annual support costs.

QPC uses WatchGuard equipment exclusively for business-class needs. We register the equipment such that your business has a direct support contract with WatchGuard providing hardware/software support and warranty regardless of whether or not QPC is the current IT service provider. One of the things you will see other consulting firms do is resell you Cisco equipment, and you cannot contact Cisco directly for support. So you have no password, no warranty, and no support contract. So when you find you don't like them as an IT service provider, your investment into that hardware is wasted as it must be replaced. Have some fun. Call them up and ask for the password to your firewall.

If you are a home user or small business with a high-speed Internet connection, you need a hardware-based firewall. Hardware-based firewalls usually function as a router, switch, and DHCP server. Some models are also a wireless access point. Contact us for help selecting a proper unit.

Did you know that Time Warner Cable offers business class service for your home office? Contact us for details. No, we don't resell their services, but we do have a lot of useful information to save you money and make your business more productive.