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Scripts and tools by Felicia

The number of tools available to PC users to help troubleshoot, clean, or just improve their experience is endless. Here are the download links for a few essential utilities that we recommend. 


Utilities provided here are for educational purposes and are published expressly without warranty. The end user accepts all risk and liability of utilizing these tools and scripts.

Remote batch service cycling

A very efficient script for cycling services on a bulk list of servers that are far across WAN links that are slow. This script uses rcmd.exe, but you could easily substitute psexec.exe in its place.

Note that this method is VERY efficient.  It launches the service cycling command local to the server rather than remotely from your workstation. This method is very superior across WAN links over use of netsvc.exe or sc.exe directly from your workstation where RPC calls would be going across WAN links. I have used this script and others using this methodology to manage 500 servers in 67 countries from a central location.

Cycle Service Script (ZIP)

Defragmentation tool (BAT)
Sample Invocation of Robocopy Backup Script (CMD)
Software for Recovering Group Memberships of Deleted User Account (ZIP)
Sys32Utils pack (extract these files into System32 folder on your computer - no install needed)