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  • ATMs and Debit Cards

    1/11/2014 - Author: Felicia

    I've done several podcasts in the past talking about the problems with debit cards versus credit cards. They can be acceptable if used for a specific purpose, and if you are fully aware of how to avoid problems.

  • Breakfast Bytes - Cyber Crooks Stalk Small Business Online


    Deep dive analysis into a controversial topic for businesses, non-profits, school districts, and municipal governments. Heads Up! This is what you need to know to understand and defend yourself from this problem. 
    Here's the supporting article: Cybercrooks stalk organizations online

  • Breakfast Bytes - IT Security Standards and Best Practices (Part 1 & 2)


    3/15/2014 & 3/29/2014

    What are IT security standards and best practices? Why should consumers and average Joe's care about them? In this two part series, I explain the practical reasons why everyone should be aware of IT security standards and best practices.

  • Breakfast Bytes - Online Banking Issues



    • Understanding banking malware
    • Zeus banking trojan
    • Ad-jacking and how it works; your computer as part of the criminal's botnet
    • Blackhole exploit kit offered as $1500 annual subscription-based service
    • How to use Tails and UNetBootIn to protect yourself from most online banking problems
    • Even Tails or other Liveboot CDs are
  • Mobile Banking Apps Insecure


    IOActive Labs Research recently published the results of their extensive test into mobile banking apps and found the majority of them to have serious flaws.

  • Online Banking Issues


    A few years ago, I covered in great detail the legalities and methods of commercial organizations getting their bank accounts cleaned out by criminals. Criminal techniques have only become more sophisticated. The favorite toolkit they use nowadays is Zeus. The solutions to the problem remain the same and it seems the public needs a refresher course on this topic.