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Information & Data Security

Question: How many people are connected to the Internet?

Billions of people—connecting from anywhere in the world. Who is watching? Who is looking at your transactions? Who is driving down the street trying to borrow your wireless connection? Who is waiting to steal credit card, social security numbers, your entire identity? Who is using YOUR computer for temporary storage or to send viruses and spam or to deny others from using large corporate sites? Are your inboxes filling with unwanted email, offensive images, annoying offers, international funds scams, and viruses?


What if your hard drives failed? When did you do your last backup? Would you lose spreadsheets, digital photographs, and recent email contacts? How long would it take you to recover your growing digital investments?

Or are you simply looking to keep up with the pace of new technology? Are you trying to stay abreast of changes that can benefit you and your business, saving you time and money so that you focus on what interests you most?

Solution: Quality + Consulting can help!

We offer local courses on computers and network security, we do a free security evaluation, and we repair and secure computers and networks for home and small businesses. Call 262-331-0266 today for a free security evaluation!