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Network and Systems Audits

QPC can provide anything from basic to advanced audits. Audit scope is customized to meet the organization's needs and budget.

If you have your own IT staff, how do you know what they are or are not doing well? What are the gaps in your infrastructure and strategy? Do you know your backups are really working such that they would facilitate a recovery under a variety of disaster scenarios?complex technode

QPC recommends every organization have a systems audit at least every 3 years. An organization cannot fix the problems that it doesn't know it has. If you are relying purely upon the advice of your internal IT staff, it is not likely you have the full picture. No one IT person can know everything, so unless you have a highly experienced team of several IT engineers on staff, then you are likely missing something important. Perhaps it is a problem, or perhaps it is just a way to optimize. QPC offers audits in blocks of 4-hour increments for new clients in order to meet their budgetary constraints. A 4 to 8-hour audit is better than no audit, and is still very affordable.