People keep clicking the links and downloading the files, so why would the hackers stop sending them?

The truth is that the prevalence of phishing emails is for one simple reason – they work.

Hackers are on the hunt for their next big trophy phishing catch, and they’re waiting for you to take the bait. This eBook covers the top targets that hackers have in their sights, the bait and tactics they use to catch them and the defensive solutions you need to have in place to protect your employees and customers.

Who Are Your Organization’s Top Targets?

Every layer of your business has a trophy target just waiting to get caught on the hacker’s hook. The best way you can protect them is to know the type of bait that the hacker will try to use and educate them on how to spot these threats when they cross their inbox. Learn more about the Top 5 Trophy Targets in your organization and the bait hackers will use against them.

Bait: From legal – “We’re being sued”

Bait: From CEO – “I need you to transfer these funds!”

Bait: From a prospect - “I’m your next big sale!”

Bait: From a prospective employee - “Hire me!”

Bait: From a shipping company - “Your package is missing”

How to Keep Off the Hacker’s Hook

While these phishing attacks can you leave you swimming away towards calmer waters, having the right defenses in place can keep you, your employees and your customers protected. WatchGuard offers a robust portfolio of security solutions to ensure that you’re secure at every layer and against every type of attack.

Continuous End-User Education

Always challenge your users with test phishing emails to make sure they recognize the warning signs.

WatchGuard AuthPoint

Even if attackers get access to a user’s credentials, a multi-factor authentication solution like WatchGuard AuthPoint ensures that they don’t have the rest of the elements needed to gain access.

Quality Plus Consulting can help you implement a WatchGuard solution that will keep you off the hacker's hook.