Are you protected from the six known Wi-Fi threat categories?

You know you need to provide your customers and employees fast, high-performing Wi-Fi. Having a solution that’s easy to manage and scalable makes your life easier as your business grows. But when was the last time you thought about your wireless security?

Your Wi-Fi is the biggest security gap in your business today. And depending on your current Wi-Fi provider, you could be susceptible to all 6 of the known Wi-Fi threat categories.

Every Business Is Responsible for Enabling a Trusted Wireless Environment

  • 75% of all mobile communications flows over Wi-Fi
  • 20.4B connected devices projected by 2020
  • 91% of users are aware of public Wi-Fi security 89% choose to ignore it3
  • $149K average cost of a data breech to SMBs4
  • $1B is an estimate cost of TJ Maxx Wi-Fi breach5

The 6 Known Wi-Fi Threat Categories Targeting Your Business

1. “Evil Twin” Access Point
Lures users to connect to it so as to spy on traffic, steal data and infect systems.

2. Miscofigured Acces Point
Opens networks to attack as a result of configuration errors.

3. Rogue Access Point
Allows attackers to bypass perimeter security.

4. Rogue Client
Delivers malware payloads to the network after connecting to a malicious access point.

5. Neighbor Access Point
Risks infection from connecting to other SSIDs while in range of the authorized access point.

6. Ad-Hoc Network
Uses peer-to-peer connections to evade security controls and risk exposure to malware.

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