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  • All About Viruses

    Last updated: 1/6/2014

    Originally posted: 5/23/2003

    Perhaps the best thing you can do for your computer—and your peace of mind—is to resolve to protect yourself from computer viruses. Viruses can cost you money and destroy your privacy. Even if you own a virus-scanning program, we believe you'll learn something new. Let's get started...

  • Antivirus

    We highly recommend Trend Micro Antivirus/Antispyware. Whenever you go to buy the software, just buy the latest version you can buy at the time. The more recent versions have script detection and blocking capabilities. This is very useful in the war against trojans and evil scripts that may be loaded to your system by evil websites. We call them evil, because the only purpose for these scripts is to invade and take over your computer for bad and often illegal uses. Updated antivirus/antispyware software is a key component in your system's defense mechanism. Trend offers free tech support.

  • Breakfast Bytes - Biometric, IoT, Recovery Time Objectives

    2/16/2018, 3/2/2018, 3/16/2018



    Biometric Auth Defeats, Internet of Things Insecurity, and Recovery Time Objectives

    Biometric authentication tokens are not good security and can be beaten

    Amazon Echo, Alexa, Echo Spot are really spy devices

    Restoring backups was going to take too long, so hospitals paid ransom

    MP3 - IoT Devices, Biometric Authentication, and Recovery Time Objectives

    MP3 - Protecting Your Privacy

    MP3 - Network Security Strategy and Trustico Debacle

  • Breakfast Bytes - Credential Reuse Problems and Ransomware



    Credential reuse problems, ransomware and malware just keep getting worse, medical applications that developers refuse to update
    MP3 - Credential Reuse Problems, Ransomware Variants, Medical Software Issues

  • Breakfast Bytes - Deprecated Software and Network Security

    4/6/2018, 4/21/2018



    Deprecated Software and Network Security Strategy

    Deprecated software that needs to be uninstalled - revealed by proper network security strategy and reporting

    Two examples of network security and they they protect against and draw attention to security events that need to be further actioned by humans

    Office 365 Personal - big advancements

    Is using YouTube for your business videos a good idea?

    MP3 - Deprecated Software found by Network Security

    MP3 - VOIP security, deprecated software, Amazon spy devices

  • Breakfast Bytes - Endpoint Security Is the Problem/Cloud Not An Answer



    Interrelated topics of endpoint security, how to do it, issues with cloud security, issues with server virtualization, issues with PCI compliance in the cloud

    Why endpoint security is incredibly important.

    The correct way to do online banking.

    We start off with the basics of what an endpoint is and how to secure it.

  • Breakfast Bytes - Major Security Threats Update



    Major Security Threats Update
    Current ransomware risk, fake LinkedIn profiles, Bart ransomware, spearphishing uptick, successful security paradigms
    MP3 - Ransomware Risk, Fake LinkedIn Profiles, Spearphishing, Password Reuse Attacks

  • Breakfast Bytes - Malvertising and Angler Exploit Kit



    Angler Exploit Kit and variants - Malvertising at its worst
    An analysis on how malvertisements compromise your systems and how to mitigate the risks.

    MP3 - Malvertisements and the Angler Exploit Kit

  • Breakfast Bytes - Malvertising Example and Fix



    Real world example of a malvertisement
    An example of how a malvertisement caused a problem for the computer's owner, how the issue was fixed, and how future incidents are prevented.

    MP3 - Malvertising Example and Fix

  • Breakfast Bytes - Midyear Security Review - Part1




    Midyear Security Roundup - Part 1


    Part 1 of the midyear security roundup. It is now easy to steal Windows credentials from a computer via USB even if the logon screen is locked. An important router security website you should check out. How IoT devices being improperly secured and segmented creates major issues for you.

    MP3 - 2016 Midyear Security Roundup - Part 1

  • Breakfast Bytes - Midyear Security Review - Part2




    Midyear Security Roundup - Part 2


    Part 2 of the midyear security roundup. Changes to how Microsoft Updates are being delivered. Why you should use OEM hardware. Most popular breach methods. Business email compromise scams.

    MP3 - 2016 Midyear Security Roundup - Part 2

  • Breakfast Bytes - Security Solutions that Work



    Security solutions that are working to keep business productivity up
    Examples of security solutions that are working in today's world and that adapt to mitigating new threats

    This past Tuesday was the largest patch Tuesday in several months. Patches should be deployed within 48 hours of the patch release. Are your systems patched?

    MP3 - Security solutions that work to keep business productivity up

  • Breakfast Bytes - Venomous Snake



    About venomous snake

  • Breakfast Bytes - Websites Hosting Malware



    Websites hosting malware. Incompetent web masters let it sit there for more than a week rather than taking the site down, restoring the website from a previous version, or doing anything to fix it. It is totally unacceptable and totally unprofessional. I discuss the multitude of things that the web masters could have done to fix their problem.

  • Breakfast Bytes - Yahoo Advertisement Malware


    1/18/2014 Breakfast Bytes podcast topics

  • Security Software and Hardware

    Trend Micro - home of Trend Worry Free Business Security software
    WatchGuard firewalls - the only appliance for business firewall

  • Which antivirus product? Part 1 of a 2 part series on antimalware

    1/6/2014 - update

    Q+ now recommends Trend Worry Free Business Security Services to clients. The minimum license buy is two seats. With that, the end user not only has two licenses for regular workstations like their laptop or desktop, but they also have two mobile seats. This means they can also install the software on their Android or iOS smartphones or tablets.

    Please listen to the Breakfast Bytes shows on Trend Worry Free Business Security to learn all about why the product is the best.


  • Why Is Detection Doomed?

    1/23/2008 - Author: Felicia

    This article is part 2 of the January 2008 article on antivirus and antimalware software. Last month we covered which antivirus/antimalware tool is right for you and why.


  • Why We Must Block Advertisements

    1/10/2014 - Author: Felicia

    Blocking advertisements specifically and by category can save your computer from getting infected or otherwise hacked. I have been talking about this fact for years and have been actively blocking advertisement sources since 1997. The 1/6/2014 news contained a technical piece about how hacked Yahoo advertisements infected an estimated 27,000 computers PER HOUR. Here is the article.

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