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  • Better Network Security Design Needed - Target Breach

    Last updated 3/31/2014 - Author: Felicia

    Many valuable network security design improvements can be learned by understanding the Target Breach. In reality, those of us in the know already knew that these network security design elements need to be in place everywhere. But apparently the network engineers at Target need to kaizen their strategy. This article highlights some key elements of network security that should be in place on your network and what you might learn from the Target breach.

  • Breakfast Bytes - Security Solutions that Work



    Security solutions that are working to keep business productivity up
    Examples of security solutions that are working in today's world and that adapt to mitigating new threats

    This past Tuesday was the largest patch Tuesday in several months. Patches should be deployed within 48 hours of the patch release. Are your systems patched?

    MP3 - Security solutions that work to keep business productivity up

  • Computer Security & Maintenance Self-Assessment

    The following is a computer systems security and maintenance self-assessment that organizations of all sizes can use to test their overall security strategy. Most of this list is also applicable to residential scenarios. Special items related to HIPPA or PCI environments are notated.

    This is not an exhaustive list to verify HIPPA or PCI compliance, but is intended to be an overview in terms that most business decision makers will understand.

    The QPC website has many articles where you can find solutions to any strategy deficiencies revealed to you through use of this assessment. Use the handy search boxes in the Breakfast Bytes area and the Resources area to find articles and podcasts pertinent to the subjects you are interested in learning more about.


  • Custom Cookie Blocker


    This custom cookie blocker configuration can be used to block many unwanted cookies, especially those from advertisement or privacy invading sites.

  • On-Demand Webinars by WatchGuard

    The experts at WatchGuard have done a phenomenal job at creating webinars to educate the public on network security topics. Q+ highly recommends that you watch these even if you are a small business owner and don't consider yourself technical.

  • Security Software and Hardware

    Trend Micro - home of Trend Worry Free Business Security software
    WatchGuard firewalls - the only appliance for business firewall

  • Top Security Predictions for 2014 - WatchGuard

    Will there be a U.S. data breach? Should you expect CryptoLocker clones? WatchGuard reveals malicious and clever exploits expected in 2014, and how security professionals can prepare their defenses. Learn how to tackle future security challenges including protecting your network from advanced threats, defending the - - "Internet of Things," and how to win the fight against modern hackers and malware. Also ways to make 2014 "The Year of Security Visibility" with new tools for actionable security intelligence.

    For best viewing select "Full-screen" mode in the YouTube player. 

  • Watchguard - Stop Accidental Data Loss

    This video explains the importance of Data Loss Prevention enforcement technologies as required in environments that must be HIPPA or PCI compliant. Many companies may wish to use DLP technologies to ensure that no company confidential data is leaked accidentally or otherwise. DLP is a very effective tool to support that goal.

  • WatchGuard - What's new in Fireware 11.8

    1/9/2014 Author: Felicia

    I've been using fireware 11.8 since the October 2013 release. Initial bugs were fixed through several CSP (customer service packs), and 11.8.1 just came out today. I was recently asked what's new in 11.8, so I thought I would share my perception of the positive benefits of fireware 11.8 over older versions of fireware.

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